About Us
Tom Van Gunten is changing the city of Eustis; One head of hair at a time. 

The charismatic salon owner's clients strut through the streets sporting expertly executed cuts and color placements that beg the question, "Where do you get your hair done?"  The answer, of course, is Tom's Color Bar. 

Tom's Color Bar specializes in beautiful hair color. Our color bar is owned and operated by Tom Van Gunten, a Board Certified Cosmetologist and National Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems.  He has traveled the country, mastering and teaching the art of hair at large-scale hair shows in Scottsdale, San Francisco, Sante Fe and Hollywood. 

The philosophy behind Tom's Color Bar is to bring hair color out of the back from and create an atmosphere where the client and the stylist can interact in the process of color.

Tom's Color Bar is a Paul Mitchell Focus Salon 
and uses only the finest hair color products from Paul Mitchell systems.
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